Take a Break to Relax & Rejuvenate


with like-minded people in a beautiful setting


Take time off from the daily routine to relax and rejuvenate with like-minded people in a beautiful setting.

This is a perfect place to start if you’ve never been to a meditation retreat before. There will be guided meditation instruction for both beginners and advanced practitioners, plenty of free time and opportunities to take walks and to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Join us for an immersion weekend of contact with nature, rest and relaxation, vegetarian food, gentle yoga practices and mindfulness meditation.

Why Coming To A Retreat?

The noise and speed of living today can drive anyone crazy. Increasingly individuals come to realise that they need to purposefully stop, paus and take time out to rest, relax and rejuvenate to not be overburdened by the constant demands of the world.

This retreat is not just about meditation, it is about connecting with nature and being in an environment that supports inner reflection. Have a break from the busy world and daily routines and learn lifelong skills, like:
• How to connect with the body’s self-calming system.
• How to shift attention when caught up in unhelpful thoughts and emotions.
• How to identify and quieten the voice of the inner critic.

What’s possible with regular mindfulness practice is self-regulation, giving up unhappiness and living a life of purpose as well as experiencing a more vibrant connection to life itself. Even if you are not fully convinced, you will have a relaxing weekend and learn how to connect with a deeper reality.

A weekend semi-silent* mindfulness retreat to relax, rejuvenate and have the opportunity to establish/deepen your mindfulness practice together with like-minded people in a beautiful setting.

Enjoy delicious food; breakfast lunch and dinner with options for vegan and any special diary requirements (gluten-free etc.)

• Guided meditations
• Yoga classes
• Comfortable accommodation
• Vegetarian food

* This is a semi-silent retreat which means at certain hours of the day we will keep talking to a minimum though there are opportunities to speak together and share.

Venue In a Beautiful Setting

Located just thirty minutes from the centre of Sydney CBD The North Head Quarantine Station is a heritage-listed former quarantine station and associated buildings that is now a tourist attraction at North Head Scenic Drive, on the north side of Sydney Harbour, near Manly.

8 Week Online Component

When you register you get immediate access to a self-paced online mindfulness course that you can do in your own time either before or after the retreat.

This course gives you the background, science, practices and techniques to establish a regular attention training practice. It is based on latest research and techniques designed by the original MBSR members who trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

The course quickly introduces you to the powerful mindfulness techniques that are helping individuals from all walks of life to have more balance and focus in their lives.

You learn and deepen your practice week by week by going through the lessons, listening to guiding audios, watching some videos and keeping a daily journal.

You will see for yourself that the ability to focus on one thing at a time is the best skill you ever learnt.

Through these guided, easy-to-do practises you are training the mind to be more present in the moment. resulting in it to be less anxious, more alert and alive.

Starting to experience benefits such as:

• Less anxiety and stress
• Less reactivity more responsiveness
• More mental clarity
• Increased ability to remain attentive and focused
• Increased social-emotional intelligence
• Going to sleep easier
• Overall well-being and inner balance

See what people say about the course:

“The 8 week course has allowed me to re- connect with the person I used to be and ignite my passion to forge forward, to help others find their passion, peace, connection and love within themselves. So they too, can help others to find their way in life. Thank you for this experience and training”.Sia K.

“I’ve really loved this course – both the online component and the two day course, I’m so grateful I’ve learnt these empowering new tools. THANK YOU :-)” Natalie E.

“Thank you Rita for providing such a thorough course in Mindfulness. This has come at exactly the right time for me as I look towards a less cluttered lifestyle, on the physical plane as well as the emotional and spiritual.
Thank you once again,
Warm blessings”

Anne C.

“Many thanks for your wonderful course, which was very thought provoking”.
Tricia C.

“Thank you for offering this course, it has been a blessing in my life”.
Nicky M.


Weekend retreat at the Sydney Q-station near Manly. Only 30 mins. from Sydney CBD

Verandas looking out over the Sydney harbour

Comfortable shared and single accomodation

Heritage listed meeting rooms with natural light and lot of space.



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“With Mindfulness training you are not adding to your knowledge in the
traditional sense – you are in fact removing some of the mental clutter
that is holding you back from being naturally mindful and in a state of
equilibrium”.Rita Riccola

About the Trainer


Rita Riccola

Rita Riccola

Rita Riccola is one of New Zealand’s leading mindfulness trainers She is a former teacher and a trained mindfulness teacher with 28 yrs experience who has completed courses with Mindful Schools USA and attended many Mindfulness retreats. These courses are designed to meet the growing need for Mindfulness training to all interested.


“Rita is a fabulous facilitator – she made us feel extremely comfortable, was open minded and encouraged us all to share from our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. I came away with many very practical, easy to use exercises …Thank you Rita for gifting me such a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon of learning”.Louise Dore, Auckland

“I found Rita’s expert and gentle facilitating a wonderful way to explore mindfulness personally, whilst also guiding me to share mindfulness with others”.Suzanne Henwood, Auckland

“More doors are opening as my interest in Mindfulness grows. I had no idea the journey so far would be so personally moving, enlightening, disturbing, inspiring…. I think my Yoga Teaching Training can only be enhanced by what I’ve been exposed to on this course”. Marg P. Auckland
“ I’ve learnt that you can choose to change. The interaction between participants was especially valuable”
Jen, Sydney

Make A Booking

SYDNEY RETREAT 19-21 June 2020

Weekend Retreat in Sydney 19-21 June 2020 2020

Friday: Start 5.00pm
Sunday: End 4.00pm

Cost: $745
including all meals, shared accommodation and participating in all activities (yoga classes, guided meditation).
Single room accommodation available at an extra $150

Limited to 12 people
10 seats left


The programme is designed to be accessible for all levels of experience; both beginners and more advanced practitioners. (the program might be subject to some changes.)

5.00-6.00pm: Arrival & Welcome
6.00-7.30pm: Dinner
7.30-8.30pm: Guided Meditation
8.30pm: Free time and relaxation.

7.00-7.30am: Wake
7.30-8.15: Meditation
8.15-9.30am: Breakfast
9.30-10.30am: Gentle Yoga
10.30-11.00: Tea break
11.00-12.00am: Guided Meditation
12.00am-2.00pm LUNCH
2.00-3.00pm: Meditation
3.00-3.30pm: Tea break
3.30-4.00pm: Nature walk
4.00-5.00pm: Meditation/Free activities

5.00-7.30pm: Dinner
7.30-8.30pm: Meditation
8.30pm: Free time to relax

7.00-7.30am: Wake
7.30-8.15: Meditation
8.15-9.30am: Breakfast
9.30-10.30am: Gentle Yoga
10.30-11.00: Tea break
11.00-12.00am: Meditation
12.00am-1.30pm LUNCH
1.30-2.30pm: Meditation
2.30-3.00pm: Nature walk
3.00-3.15pm.Tea break
3.15-4.00: Meditation and finish.


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